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Monthly System Checks

We recommend that you test your sprinkler and adjust your controller MONTHLY. Most people only check their system when they notice problems such as water running down the street or grass dying or growing to fast in an area. We understand that most people do not want to pay to have someone come out monthly to run a system check so we have included a link to our customer maintenance checklist. Link coming Click Here. After you run your own self check, if you come across anything you can't handle, give us a call 702-491-6607.

 Why Choose LandTeck Inc

1. We are fast, knowledgeable, and provide excellent service after the sale!
We will make recommendations only after listening carefully to your needs, and then clearly explain the options available.

2. We always provide you with formal estimates detailing the total price of the work to be performed, materials, and labor.  

3. We always clearly explain all the project specifics in a way you will understand. 

4. LandTeck irrigation repair will take all necessary steps to avoid damage to plant material, and turf.

5. We work with experienced crews to minimize job time. Many repairs take less than an hour.

6. We will provide excellent after-sale service.

7. Our customers know that our after-sale service is what makes us shine. Let us show you the difference today!

$40.00  Initial Inspection Consultation

Inspection cost will be WAIVED if repairs or done same day.

□ Pre-walkthrough interview of property owner to understand their needs and capture their observations

□ Conduct a walkthrough looking for obvious issues in the landscape prior to activating any zones


□ Spacing: Proper nozzles are installed; provide head-to-head coverage

□ Nozzles in the sprinklers provide MPR or are zoned correctly to provide MPR

□ Leakage/Wear: Inspected the seals and the nozzles for chipping, cracking, and breakage

□ Clogs: Inspected nozzles and screens for clogs

□ Adjustment: Proper orientation on landscape; no water on hardscape/building

□ Nozzle size: Correct nozzle sizes are being used for the area

□ Pressure: Proper for sprinkler/emitter/and valves

□ Proper grade: Not too high or low

□ Low Head Drainage: Check valve in head; in-line check valve

□ Nozzle Performance: Even distribution; proper distance


□ Spacing: Proper spacing for emitter heads

□ Amount: Proper amount of emitters per plant and tree

□ Leakage/Wear: Inspected emitters for cracking, lose
and missing emitters

□ Clogs: Inspected emitters for clogs heads

□ Adjustment: Proper adjustment on bubblers or adjustable heads

□ Emitter size: Correct emitter sizes are being used for the plant, 
bush and tree

□ Pressure: Proper for pressure reducer emitter/and valves

□ Missing plants: Inspect emitters without a plant or tree to avoid water waste


Point of Connection: Located and inspected

□ Worn/Leaking Diaphragm: Inspected for proper closure

□ Electrical Connections/Solenoid: Inspected connections and electrical components

□ Proper Flow Control Setting: If needed, adjusted flow control to improve performance

□ Manual Operation: Tested manual opening and closing abilities

□ Automatic Operation: Tested electrical opening and closing abilities


□ Checked and adjusted run times

□ Checked and adjusted start times

□ Checked and adjusted water days

□ Proper Manual Operation: Controller functioned in manual mode

□ Proper Automatic Operation: Controller functioned in automatic mode

□ Sensor Operation: Inspected location and proper connections

Water Supply Main line:

□ Water Meter: Observe meter for gallon usage and unusual leak needle spinning

□ Pressure test: Close irrigation shut off valves, house shut off valve and inspect meter for         leaks

Backflow Preventer / Pressure vacuum breaker:

 □ PVB: Inspect gate valves for operating conditions

□ Insulation: Inspect and inspect for proper insulation wrapping and tape

□ Remove Insulation: Inspect fitting for any leaks or in proper paste, glue or teflon
Fertilizer tank

 □ Installation: Proper installation & location

□ Leaks: Inspect In &out feed lines and actual tank  

Do you give free estimates?

Yes, we do, for new systems and large scale projects in excess of $500. For small repairs, we may provide a verbal "ballpark" estimate over the phone if you request one based on your description of the problem. We will bill actual hours required to correctly fix the problem.

When dealing with the desert, water becomes one of the most important aspects. Due to the general lack of water provided naturally, the shortening supplies throughout the valley, and the overall high costs this can be one of the hardest aspects to manage. However, with LandTeck Inc. continuing attending education programs, where we attend water management courses offered throughout the valley, this is one aspect that you can count on with LandTeck Inc. to help you save water and money.

Water main lines
Wires troubleshooting
Re-install all new sprinkler & drip systems

Drip pipe repairs

PVC pipe repairs
Fertilizer injector systems

System installations
System repairs

System check-ups
Timers / controllers
Irrigation valves
Sprinkler heads
Vacuum breakers - PVB
Hose bibs
Automatic fertilizer feeders
System upgrades

Irrigation Repair