Tree pruning - Thin, Shape, Raise, Crown Cleaning and Removal of Dying Limbs
Safety prune - Clearances for Streets, Lighting, Neighbors yard
Tree support systems - Cabling, Bracing and Staking of Trees
Stump Grinding
Stump Removal

Tree Planting

LandTeck Inc. has been providing comprehensive tree services to all of Las Vegas valley offering quickly and competitively tree service to fit your needs and budget. With 10 years of arborist experience, our staff and specialized equipment will complete your project with safely and with minimal disruption to your landscaping.

Our tree service specialties include tree trimming, tree removal, tree shaping, tree pruning, lot clearing, stump grinding, and all tree debris removal. No matter what type or size job you have, we make sure that all of your tree needs are fully met. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality work with competitive pricing. You can rest assured that the job will be done right with our professional tree service experience.

LandTeck Inc. would like to thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you, understanding your tree needs, and providing you with quality service you can always depend on.

Tree Service

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We offer free consultations that will assess your trees for health as well as hazards and offer a plan balancing safety, health, budgetary, and practical issues. LandTeck Inc employees are professional, skilled, and trained to perform high-quality service while maintaining a safe and clean work site. All work performed is in accordance with ISA and ANSI standards in order to perform proper tree care safely.