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Tired of your rock color or size?  We can help solve that problem!

We offer decorative rock color change re remove all your old rock and haul it away grade the area to prepare for new rock, order new rock and install the rock level and grade it to make it level and then we wash it so the true color comes out.

Before you think of new rock...
 Another very important investment to inspect before installing rock is the age and condition of your drip irrigation system lines. Since they are buried and hidden underground installing new rock would make it difficult to repair or replace once the new rock is installed.  You wouldn't want to destroy your rock investment by having to dig up areas to repair leaks that could have been avoided. 

Landscape damages by installing new rock...
 We have a team that has years of experience in rock installation and will assure you no damages will be done to your existing landscape design. Installing new rock will not damage your existing plants we start by leveling and grading existing rock and hauling out extra rock/dirt debris if any once the landscape is graded. All work is done by manpower using machinery will create damages to your soil compaction causing weeds to poop out easier. 

Selecting new rock color and type...
 The following links are rock vendors we do business with they all have different selections and sizes. 

Bedrock Landscape Supply Las Vegas

Vista Landscape Centers

Boulder Placement 
Discount Decorative Rock Las Vegas (

Parsons Rocks Boulder Placement 

Parsons Rocks! I Decorative Landscape Rocks I Las Vegas

Decorative Rock Color & Size Change Service