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Drain System In Las Vegas, NV  

Building residential homes on flat, even terrain is ideal. But houses on level land are also vulnerable during periods of heavy precipitation when water accumulates on the ground. Problems can arise when the water has nowhere to go.

Too much moisture can saturate the soil or create an accumulation of stagnant water. Stagnant water can take weeks, even months, to evaporate. This standing water can lead to problems, including causing significant damage to your home and its foundation.

Fortunately, LandTeck can install a drainage system to help prevent groundwater problems from escalating. Surface drainage systems and extensions provide excellent drainage solutions. Plus, you can improve the drainage in for your home by combining drainage systems with your home's existing downspouts and gutters. Ask us how!

Are you concerned about your home's outdoor drainage system? We're here to help. LandTeck can provide a full range of drainage services, including installation and drainage repair.

Residential Drainage Services from LandTeck;
Residential Drainage System Attachments
Downspout extensions
Sump Pump Pipe Drainage
Installation of Landscape Drainage System
French Drain or Yard Drain Drainage Systems
Design and Installation of Dry Creek Beds
Drainage Solutions to Common Drainage Problems
Downspout Extensions and Other Drainage System Attachments

Drainage problems can happen when the water has nowhere to drain away from your house. We have drainage solutions that can fix this. We can install drainage system attachments to help move water away from your house. Installing downspout extensions can allow water to move further away from your home. This way, the water won't accumulate in the soil around your foundation.

Replace or Repair Sump Pump Pipes
The sump pump pipes that lead outside your property are supposed to guide water away from your home. Our trained specialists can repair or replace damaged sump pump pipes.

Drainage System Installation for Landscape
Water flowing from an adjacent property onto your property or slopes can cause drainage problems. One solution we offer is to install landscape drainage systems. These systems can collect and pipe the excess water from your neighbor's property before it cause damage to your property.

Puddles and Low Spots

Over time, lawns and landscape beds settle, which can lead to puddles and low spots. We can add topsoil and grade the low areas to remedy this issue.

French Drains, Yard Drains, or Dry Creek Beds

We can dig a French drain, Yard drain, or design and install a dry creek bed on your property to improve drainage. French or yard drains have a perforated pipe that redirects surface and groundwater away from a specific area. If you're looking for an efficient draining solution that also creates an attractive focal point, dry creek beds offer a perfect drainage solution for your home.

Professional Drainage Installation and Drainage Repair for Homeowners
Drainage issues don’t improve on their own, and most worsen over time. Once you notice drainage problems, contact LandTeck to prevent damage to your home's foundation.

We provide free estimates on all drainage service inquiries.

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